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Concept driven graphic designer dedicated to creating clever and memorable pieces
that are beautifully executed. Knowledgeable about packaging, layout, branding,
typography, illustration and more! This website was designed and coded by Courtney.
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Guide Dogs of America Stamps

This is a collection of stamps for the Guide Dogs of America. It is packaged in a tennis ball, which is a commonly used toy for dogs. The band around it with the pictures of the stamps inside are reminiscent of a dog collar with tags. I created the German Shepherd and Labrador illustrations. I also made the logo which shows the paw print and footprint together as one.

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7 Inches in Heaven

Bubbles in the Think Tank is a fun Boston radio show and for the fourth year in a row they decided to release a 7 inch record about records on Record Store Day. Local musicians contribute original songs and this year they asked me to be their Art Director. The packaging is a gatefold die-cut. The keyhole on the front has been cut out and so the viewer can see through it. Inside the two witty and flirtatious hosts appear to be playing the game 7 Inches in Heaven. Merchandise is also available.

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Alfred Hitchcock’s Selected Takes, Notecards

The box set includes six die-cut cards. Each card showcases a popular movie. The outside of the folded card shows one object and then opens to reveal a scene. For example the Psycho card shows the shower drain on the outside, but when you open it there’s the Bates Motel sign. This feature comes from Hitchcock’s use of suspense. The box opens and shuts like a director’s cut. As a nod to Hitchcock, his picture is included on the inside of the envelope. He would make a brief cameo in his movies.

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Fizzle Sparkling Juice

Compact and brightly colored sparkling juice that is perfect for kids. Inspired by the bubbles of the carbonated drink. The shape of the bottle reflects that as well as the logo I created that consists of a grid of circles.

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Crush Aphrodisiac Cookies

Sophisticated product with an apothecary style makes it feel like you’re creating your own love potion. A mortar and pestle is included to crush the aphrodisiac elements. Crush can mean the beggining stages of love or how you prepare the ingredients. The aphrodisiac elements included are pumpkin seeds, chili peppers, basil leaves and fig. These are cookies for an adult palette. A lace apron is also included.

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Flirty Frog’s Valentine’s Day

This lighthearted three-dimensional card is meant for a new relationship or for someone you’ve had your eye on. The card reads "Hey baby, wanna go back to my pad?" It is a fun and cute way to win over that special someone.

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Adler Planetarium

The beautiful imagery displayed in the planetarium can now be seen on the packaging for the gift shop. The tag and tissue paper feature unanswered questions about the universe. The handles on the bags spiral in a similar way to a Mobius strip. The logo has a crescent moon within the counter of the D and the word planetarium is on a curve, creating the dome shape of the building.

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Distinctive Directories

Distinctive Directories is a publishing house that produces six annual publications that cover the desirable Central Connecticut and Connecticut Shoreline market. They include The West Hartford Book, The Glastonbury Book, The Shoreline Book, The Valley Book, Spring Handbook and Autumn Handbook. These are various ads I created for local businesses that are featured in the publications.

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Poems, Prose and Other Lies from the Wilderness

Short stories and poems written by Peter Whittlesey. The cover was hand rendered and then colorized in Photoshop. The interior illustrations were also hand rendered.

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Music & Arts

The company specializes in instrument rentals and sales as well as music lessons. This rebranding gives the sensation of energy, volume and vibration through illustration and color. I created all of the illustrations.

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The Mikado

Campaign for the Mikado at the Boston Opera House. Complete with poster, banner ads, CD case and Playbill. The play is set in Japan but merely uses the culture as a facade. It is actually a satire about English politics. The Japanese wallpaper that covers the English wallpaper is representative of this. It peels down to reveal the truth. I created the japanese patterns.

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Locks of Rock: Lyrics About Hair

The book features lyrics about hair that were written by rock bands from the 60’s and 70’s. The typography illustrates the movement of hair.

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